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BUKOLANDIA is a series for children aged from 3 to 9 years. Classic animation, colour film, dialogue. First series of 26 parts. each 13 minutes long.

  • Screenplay - Jerzy Niemczuk
  • Music- Jan Pospieszalski
  • Art Director - Leszek Galysz
  • Director-Leszek Galysz

The film is a story about a bundle of creatures which live in a beech, a big tree in the forest. These creatures are a cross between fantastic characters with external features of animals and personalities of children.

The 'Beechlike' atmosphere and the home of the characters; the beech tree, is a the motif of the movie , in which there is no place for aggression and brutality but instead, for tolerance , friendship and a positive attitude of the characters to their surroundings.

BUKOLANDIA is a tree-world on which , from the roots to the top , the beechlike life of its creatures goes on. The vertical scenery allows, in a greater degree, the dynamisation of each scene. This world is a kind of an ecological niche; it is isolated from the real world which in fact exists in the far background and from time to time it even under the tree.

We decided that the main characters of the series are not to be humans or animals,but alternative creatures, creatures of the forest. The reason for this is to avoid stereotypes connected with the animals and to tame the children with weirdness and abnormality which do not necessarily mean danger. This is an important mission in the contemporary world, in which abnormality and any kind of deviation leads to aggression and conflicts.

Each of the creatures is specialised in a certain thing, which is useful in a small community. Each one has its faults but its all about accepting these creatures along with their bad sides. Their faults are useful when creating conflicts and humoristic effects. WIEDZIOREK is a sophisticated weirdo, ZEMBULA is always scared, ELIZAD is a bit of a buffoon, BULBER is clumsy, but all of these facts don't interfere with the existence of a normally functioning society. KIWAK is mute- that is a different matter which we try to accentuate-but he understands everything and he can show quiet a lot in sign language.

The series is intended for young children who just start to make first aquaintences - reluctances and friendships. Because of that, the most important motif is the reaction to the outside. In the first parts its the appearance of Bulber who is looking for friends, at first he is treated like an intruder but later he is accepted even adored. Than we have the elements, which endanger the small community, like drought or an epidemic of the cold. In the fight for survival, which the small inhabitants of BUKOLANDIA are leading, the most important aspects are loyalty and helping each other. In every adventure not so much the good wins, but its esence-altruism.

If any of the characters behave egoistically afterwards they feel guilty . The playwright rule of each part is similar . The idyll is wrecked by the appearance of outside dangers. That is a problem with which they have to cope together. In the firs parts the role of the main character is going to be taken by Bulber , but he is a newcomer who prizes new friendships, so he shows more eagerness than the others. Humour is an important aspect of the film, it soothes the danger. On the other hand its an important aspect of play writing, where the authors consciously drop the aggression and 'hard effects'

Characters description

Tota - voice: Elżbieta Jędrzejewska

a girl-like creature , energetic , skilful sober-minded scepticist . Slim. she has a high - pitched, firm voice . She is not a very patient creature ,and sometimes gets irritated but she's loyal, brave and is full of ideas. She walks on two feet but when she needs to, she moves around the branches with the help of her hands and tail just like a gymnast. TOTA has big white teeth which she often cleans. When she moves through thin branches she uses her tail to keep her balance. She has four ponytails with ribbons, which point to the four sides of the world. When it rains, TOTA fixes an umbrella to her tail. She lives in a clean hollow which is tightly sealed by glass doors.

Bulber - voice: Marcin Kudełka

always has bad luck. He came to BUKOLANDIA in search of friends and happiness. He wears a hat back to front. BULBER has a big, deformed nose, big feet and three- fingered , fury paws. When he listens, he opens his mouth , leans forward and goggles. When someone talks to him he turns around his whole body. Even though he has bad luck BULBER is an optimist.

Wiedziorek (knowall) - voice: Piotr G±sowski

Totas neighbour. He is tiny, bald, dwarf like and has big eyes and a long nose. Because of that nose he talks nosy. Wiedziorek thinks of himself as a treetop intellectual. He always predicts the weather, what is useful. WIEDZIOREK starts up a buissines "Advice for all" or "For all, advice". Its a cross over between a consulting firm and a superstitious psychoanalysis. He wears a beard, which he uses as a wig so that he can to impersonate his assistant. He impersonates his assistant in order to give himself prestige. WIEDZIOREK claims that he has great knowledge, so great that it doesn't all fit in his head. Usually the part that he needs at a certain time is not in his head. His problem is that he has no real knowledge.

His advice is very general an sometimes very mysterious. WIEDZIOREK walks on his hind legs , vertically and even upside down , completely ignoring the laws of gravity.

Zembula (teething) - voice: Lucyna Malec

she lives under the roots, womanly, she sleeps a lot with an alarm clock above her head. Rodent like , fairly round. She wears an apron with a pocket for herbs, and a small shovel which she uses realy skilfully and gracefully. She's an underground gardner. She feels uncomfortable on the surface. From time to time her alarm clock falls on her head, then she wakes up with her teeth ringing.

Elizad - voice: Stefan Każuro

artist-catastrophist. He lives on the highest level of the tree. Singer , high pitched voice , treats everyone with contempt because of his talent. He wears a dark blue coat which he romatically throws over his shoulder and even uses as a hang-glider. He has long standing ears and a round belly. He wears a big hat with cut out holes for his ears. He lives in an atrial nest. He moves around in two ways - either he hang-glides or walks with dignity. To the lower levels he gets by a lift.

Kiwak (wiggler)

a small, birdlike creature, but without wings. He has got two feet but rarely uses them . He's got a big nose in the shape of a beak which he uses to say yes. Quiet. He flies by stretching out his nose and pedalling with his feet. When he walks he is tilted to the front but he rather likes to jump from one branch to another. He puts his ear to the trunk, smells, looks under the bark. When he finds a pest he hammers the bark until the pest runs away; then he is very proud.

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