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Tytus, Romek and A'tomek are the heroes of a comic book - the most famous and popular in Poland. Romek and A'Tomek are boys (aged around 10 or 11) and Tytus de Zoo is a monkey (a chimpanzee). Though he speaks and thinks as a human being he still is not a human - he would like that a lot.

The movie "Tytus, Romek, A'tomek and the Thieves of Dreams" is an animated production (it lasts around 75 minutes) telling a brand new story using those three well known characters.

Because of spending too much time in front of the TV screen, Tytus gets a weird illness - otumanica - reklamica (in Polish with the flavour of Latin it means "to be intoxicated by ads"). The illness is dangerous! All of the new adverted products attract him so much that he gets warmed up so badly he almost evaporates.

His friends decide to save Tytus. The famous professor T'Alent sends them with a Pizzaplane to Transformation Planet where they would find the cure for his illness - the Source Of Pure Water.

After safe landing, Romek and A'tomek are captured by the Thieves of Dreams, who steal all the dreams from their heads.

Power of the Planet belongs to Prince Saligia - a modern teenager: he is cruel and spoiled to the bone. Saligia transforms dreams into commercials in his Central Commercial Factory. The commercials are afterwards sent to the Earth. Now the situation turns around: Tytus has to find their friends' dreams before they will be transformed into commercials. If he runs out of time too soon the boys will die, because while not having their own dreams all they dream about is money: their sound and touch, non stop, no sleeping and food.

While Tytus is walking through the Commercial Cemetery, he gets caught by Huge Caries. He will tell Tytus the way to Children's Cottage, where Tytus would meet the old and wise Thick Book. She will tell him how to get to Saligia. On his way to Saligia Tytus will see various happenings: parents selling a little girl's dreams about a puppy in The Dream Store. Dressed as Thief of Dreams, Tytus manages to enter the Central Commercial Factory. After getting out of the trap he falls into, he finds the dreams of Romek and A'tomek. They will become themselves again.

In revenge, Saligia threatens to poison the Planet if Tytus will not surrender. That is when Tytus will save the Planet, though he can already return to the Earth, with help of the little girl who was taken away her dream of a puppy and they will free all of the captured dreams. Even Saligia will have his dream back - dream about a Flower for Mama - it was taken away from him when he was smaller, what caused all the anger in him.

The Planet is free and happy, so is Tytus. He is not ill anymore, the trip heals him, because "helping the others is like drinking pure water-saving them and staying healthy himself" - that is what the Thick Book says as the last sentence.

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